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UPS Gruppo di continuità... UPS Gruppo di continuità...

UPS Gruppo di continuità 600 VA / 360W 2× Schuko TM-LI-0k6-PC-1x7

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Caratteristiche Purely sinusoidal output voltage The guidance based on the digital microprocessor AVR – arrangement of the automatic regulating of the mains voltage He is accommodating himself to the frequency Gentle sound of the alarm Automatic diagnostics at the start “Cold start” – starting the network atonic Automatic restart in the course of the...

IPS UPS Gruppo di... IPS UPS Gruppo di...

IPS UPS Gruppo di continuità 800VA 480 W 1×12V/8 Ah TM-LI-0k8-MC-1×9

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Features Modified sine wave (aprox sin),  Inbuilt AGM batteries Topology Line-interactive VI (voltage independent) Autodiagnostic at switch on Standalone, desktop metal case  Output PF = 0,6 Inteligent charging  Deep discharge protections Cold start LED display  Plastic case Short-circuit protections  Charging in OFF mode

IPS UPS Gruppo di... IPS UPS Gruppo di...

IPS UPS Gruppo di continuità Desktop 1200VA/720W TM-LI-1K2-PC-2×7

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Features: CPU microprocessor control unit AVR – automatic voltage regulation Frequency auto-select Friendly buzzer Startup auto-diagnostic Cold start Advanced battery management Overcurrent protection, low battery voltage protection Auto-battery charger in OFF mode USB communication port (option) Auto recovery after mains supply back Application: Low...